National Projects in Canada

Organization of a Fundraising Program for Environmental Peace programs, in collaboration with NIEP volunteers

Working with NGOs for the Improvement of Solar Energy Technology

Organizing workshops and seminars with holistic healers (in development)

Canadian Newcomers Assistance Program (CNAP)

Toronto: Collaboration with Police community Partnership (Division 12)

Evaluation of the impacts of the rubber industry on the quality of life in city neighborhoods.

Amelioration of air quality.

Testing of Ganguly desktop air purifiers for betterment of the indoor environment.

Testing of Ganguly internal exhaust gas purifiers for the control of automobile pollution in major cities.

Air Quality Research has been conducted by our research assistants.

Brantford Region

Collaboration with Orenda Group and IIP on improving drinking water systems and innovative and affordable housing.

International Projects


With the Six Nations’ Orenda Group and the Metis Organization of Canada, the training of individuals in international humanitarian works.


In collaboration with NIEP, the training of Shanghai delegations from city government, environmental planning and district school boards.


[ 1 ] Ganguly EMIKAT and FUELKAT Pollution Control Technology

Manufactured by Projects And Consultants (Calcutta, India) a collaborative industrial partner with International Innovation Projects (Toronto, Canada)

Special innovative technology used for exhaust gas purification and total emission control, from petrol, diesel or any fuel engine by catalytic conversion.

–  This technology works for any kind of fuel engine.

–  Multinational Companies in India are presently using this technology from Projects and Consultants Calcutta, India.

–  This technology is very economical and ecofriendly.

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emikat images

Emikat for Cranes

Emikat for Dumpers

Emikat for Buses, Trucks & Cars

Emikat for Forklifts

Emikat Gas purifier Brochure

[ 2 ]  Ganguly Organic Living filter Technology